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Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology can be a wonderful support to those trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy. It aims to balance emotional, hormonal and physical changes in your body in order to restore homeostasis and therefore put you in the best possible condition to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Before pregnancy

As Reflexology aims to restore homeostasis it could be the ideal therapy to encourage regulation of ovulation and hormone balance during the pre-conception period. Reflexology may help men and women with fertility issues and can also be used before, during and after Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), which can be a very stressful time physically and emotionally. Reflexology is excellent for alleviating stress as it is very calming and relaxing. This is important if you are trying to increase your fertility and become pregnant. Other dietary and lifestyle factors will also be considered. Regular Reflexology treatments coupled with lifestyle changes by both partners may be really effective at helping couples conceive. It is usually advised to have 2 treatments a month pre-ovulation and after the menstruation period. No Reflexology will be offered in between in case conception has occurred.

 Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology can be a great support to women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy whilst their body is going through so many changes. It can help with constipation, backache and heartburn during pregnancy. Maternity Reflexology can help the body to prepare for labour and may assist in bringing on labour at full-term if Mum and baby are ready. Research has shown that some women who have had regular Reflexology sessions during pregnancy have had shorter labours with less need for medical intervention.The aim of Maternity Reflexology is to enhance wellbeing during pregnancy through relaxation and by maintaining the homeostatic balance.

Treatments are offered after 14 weeks. The 1st trimester is a fragile period of changes and it would not be wise to disrupt this process.

 ** A full consultation will be taken at your first visit to ensure that Reflexology is appropriate. Please inform your midwife if you are having Reflexology during pregnancy.

 Post-natal Reflexology

Reflexology can be used for post-natal aches and pains, post-natal depression and emotional recovery. It may also promote lactation and increase energy levels and vitality.